A Message Every Catholic Should Read


WHAT IF the Baptists should teach and believe that all who were not members of the Baptist Church were lost, doomed and damned--outside of the Baptist Church there is no salvation?


WHAT IF the Baptists should teach and believe that the heads of the Baptist churches could give non-Baptist countries to Baptist politicians and compel all citizens to support the Baptist churches and ministers?

WHAT IF the Baptist churches taught and believed all Baptistís were Baptists first, and citizens second?


WHAT IF the Baptists demanded recognition and support for their churches and institutions from the state authorities and tax funds?


WHAT IF the Baptists organized themselves into a block ofí votes and demanded preference above any others in political circles?


What IF the Baptists had a history of bloody persecutions for 1,500 years and had never tolerated other religious bodies in countries where they dominated--and continued it until this day?


WHAT IF the Baptists should insist on controlling major political parties, labor unions, Supreme Courts, and law making bodies?


WHAT IF the Baptists taught and believed that none but Baptist ministers could perform a marriage ceremony--and that no other marriage was real?

WHAT IF the Baptists taught and believed that all others were living in adultery and that all others but Baptist children were illegitimate?


WHAT IF the Baptists required all non-Baptists before marrying a Baptist to sign papers of agreement that all children born to such union would be Baptist-- thus requiring non-Baptists to swear away the religious liberty of unborn babies?


WHAT IF the Baptists should claim every Baptist born baby at the cradle and baptize it into the Baptist Church--thus stealing from the baby its right of religious liberty?


WHAT IF the Baptist dominated immigration quotas and all the displaced persons work in Europe and consistently brought ship loads of nothing but Baptists to American shores?


WHAT IF the Baptist war veterans organized themselves into a nationwide Baptist war veteranís organization and always colored their patriotism with their religion and bought whole pages in great magazines and daily papers to spread their Baptist propaganda and encourage another world war to further the interest of the Baptist Church?


WHAT IF a country in Europe that had been slaves to the Baptists for 1,200 years sought to throw off the Baptist yoke of oppression and separate church and state-- should arrest a Baptist preacher, try him, and send him to prison for treason?


WHAT IF the Baptists should so control the press of the world as to make it appear this was the case of persecution and that America ought to go to war and have a million boys killed--to save the Baptist Church?


WHAT IF the Baptists should dominate the movie world so that no picture would ever be shown of a church or minister--favorably unless it was a Baptist Church or Baptist ministers?


WHAT IF the Baptists should so dominate the press and commercial world that no paper or magazine would dare publish anything that reflected on the Baptist Church?


WHAT IF the Baptists--in light of all these things-- should always like a billy goat insist on being in the forefront--to be seen and heard--above all others and filled papers and radio on how they believed in religious liberty?


WHAT IF the Baptists had enjoyed unchallenged control for 1,200 years of countries like Spain and Portugal where religious liberty was never known-- then preach religious liberty in this country?


WHAT IF Baptists put themselves up as supreme and final in matters of religion, education, benevolence, culture--and great champions of civilization?


WHAT IF the rest of the world should look at Spain and Portugal and see where for 1,200 years Baptists had exercised unbridled mastery in all things and there find the finished fruit of Baptist doctrine?


WHAT IF the Baptists created an imaginary place and called it Purgatory and used it as a money grafting device on their members, commercializing on the dead?


WHAT IF the Baptists had their own cemeteries and would not allow others to bury in the Baptist cemetery, and charged rentals of their own people for burial tracts, and IF rentals were not paid, dig up the bones of their loved ones, throw them in the back alley and re-sell the grave to another Baptist?


WHAT IF the Baptists should call every other religious body narrow minded, bigot, and intolerant?


WHAT IF the Baptists should demand the passage of legislation in Washington that should give tax money to support Baptist schools, hospitals, etc., in violation of the Constitution which plainly decrees the separation of church and state?


WHAT IF the widow of a great President who had always been friendly toward the Baptists should for conscience sake simply say that it was not right to give tax money to support any sectarian project?


WHAT IF every Baptist preacher in America should fire back and call this lady a bigot, intolerant and anti- Baptist, a purveyor of religious prejudice?


WHAT IF the Baptists, every time the president of the Southern Baptist Convention should stump his toe, have the stomach ache, or sneeze, insist that the daily papers put his picture on the front page to call attention to the great calamity?


WHAT IF the Baptists should take the position that no one dare criticize the Baptists, about anything they do or say, anywhere, any place, nor even question by implication any thought, word, writing, or deed of the Baptists?


WHAT IF the Baptists should teach and believe that their ministers were immune from state prosecution, that they were princes of the church?


WHAT IF a Baptist policeman or Baptist sheriff should arrest a Baptist preacher, and the Baptist Church should ex-communicate that official, which means he must go to Hell at death, would this not constitute treason? The officials would fear the church more than anything else.


WHAT IF the Baptist churches should operate gambling wheels and encourage gambling inside their churches?


WHAT IF Baptist preachers were constantly writing about the divorce evil and how to stay married when they were forbidden to marry themselves, yet insist that they were the best authority on the marriage question?

WHAT IF Baptist preachers forbidden to marry in violation of Godís Word (Genesis 2:18), should effect a worldwide organization of their old bachelor preachers, who in turn would elect one of their old bachelor brothers head of their organization and call it the Baptist Hierarchy, and decree that their head should be called holy father and decide among themselves that he was infallible?


WHAT IF these bachelor boys who never lived a normal life themselves should undertake to regulate the lives of men and nations, stirring up wars among the nations at their own will and pleasure and demand that they be regarded as final authority on all matters of morals and virtue?


WHAT IF these old bachelor Baptist preachers should so dominate the lives of their people from the cradle to the grave, as to create a slavery in the minds of their people, unparalleled in all history, and would teach their people to boycott all non-Baptists and vote only for Baptists in elections?


WHAT IF the whole world, political, social, educational, and religious so feared these old bachelors preachers as to let them have their way at all times in all places?


WHAT IF these same old bachelor Baptist preachers should forbid their people from ever hearing another preacher, under fear of ex-communication, then turn around and deliver long discourses on religious liberty and pose as disciples of freedom?


WHAT IF Baptist preachers were forbidden to marry and vowed to live celibate lives, and always had large spacious houses and several housekeepers to help them live a celibate life?


WHAT IF the Baptists appeared as the foes of political tyranny when for 1.200 years they had themselves constituted the greatest religious tyranny known in all history?


WHAT IF the Baptists expected the world to accept them, their teaching, their history, and their practices without question?


WHAT IF Baptists claimed jurisdiction over the souls of its people, before they were born, all during their life and after their death? Can a human soul enjoy liberty within this tyranny?



Is it reasonable or Scriptural for one man to exercise sovereignty over the soul of another man?

Is it American, in keeping with the Bill of Rights, for one man or woman to swear away the religious liberty of an unborn baby?

Is it American, in keeping with the Bill of Rights, for one man or woman to steal the religious liberty of a baby as soon as it is born?

IF Baptists should be guilty of the above doctrines and practices they would be outlawed by all right thinking people in the world. Bigot, intolerant, religious prejudices are all pet words used by guilty men to escape further investigation.



Every redeemed child of God is, by virtue of the new birth, intolerant of evil. I am.

--A. A. Davis