Most of us who fail in our duties as Christian parents do so, not because we have deliberately chosen to fail, but we have become careless and busy with other things, and we have not seen the warning signals that should remind us that something is wrong with our child rearing.


If you have to answer "yes" to any of the following nineteen questions, perhaps you ought to ask the Lord to help you make whatever corrections may be necessary:


  1. Do you have to tell your child more than once to (a) go to sleep (b) be quiet in church (c) stop crying (d) finish a job?


  2. Does your child fail to answer im­mediately and respectfully when you or another adult speaks to him?


  3. Has your child gotten the impression that he can sometimes "get away" with disobedience?


  4. Have you failed to teach your child to say "I'm sorry, I was wrong."


  5. Do you allow your child to withdraw into a sullen and stubborn silence when he fails to get his own way?


  6. Has your child failed to develop an appreciation for the rights and property of other people?


  7. Is your child allowed to argue with you when you tell him what to do?


  8. Is your child a habitual whiner and complainer?


  9. Does your child prefer being every where else but home?


  10. Does your child scoff at the things you consider important?


  11. Does your child rarely or never discuss with you his dreams and plans?


  12. Does your teen-ager make all the choices about his life without regard to your values?


  13. Have you become aware that your children make no significant contri­bution to the home either in their help with the work, or in their attitude?


  14. Are your teen-agers pretty much allowed to follow the curfew hours which the world sets for its children?


  15. Do you feel you are unable to trust your child's word?


  16. Does your child prefer non-Christian friends and non-church activities to the fellowship and activities of the Christian people?


  17. When your child has a run-in with authority outside the home, are you quick to assume the attitude that the teacher, police officer, Boss, etc. "has it in" for your child without cause?


  18. Are your children allowed to choose their clothing without any regard to Bible standards of modesty?


  19. Are your children allowed to choose their style of hair and appearance without any regard to the teaching of the Bible?


Children are to obey their parents. They are to be disciplined by their parents. Proverbs 29:15, 17, Provo 19:18, Provo 23:13 -14, Provo 13:24, Col. 3:20.


Look up these scriptures, read them carefully and prayerfully in your King James Bible. We believe if the Bible way is followed your home will be different.


Remember God had a plan when He established marriage, the family and the Home. Let's get back to the Bible.