By Jerry Locke


What is the greatest place you have visited? I have not traveled extensively in this world. I have visited Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Galilee in Israel. I have visited the Alps in Switzerland. But the greatest place is not in this world---it is out of this world! The greatest place is heaven.


If you were to talk to the average person and ask him if he is planning to go to heaven, his answer would probably be “yes.” Everybody, with few exceptions wants to go to heaven when they die.

The little chorus says:


“Heaven is a wonderful place,

Filled with glory and grace.

I’m going to see my Saviour’s face,

Heaven is a wonderful place.”


A great many people have unending questions about heaven. What is it like? Is it real? Will we know one another in heaven? What do we know about heaven? Here is what we know.


Heaven Is a place Of Un-denied Reality


John 14:2- “I go to prepare a place for you.” Jesus said it, that settles it! Heaven is more than just a state of the mind or condition of life. It is a “prepared place for a prepared people.”


The Bible speaks of three “heavens.” The Atmospheric heaven---Acts 1:11. This is the lower reaches of the sky, the realm of clouds and vapor. The Celestial heaven---Psalms 19:1. This is the vast area of the sun, moon and stars. The Third heaven—II Cor. 12:2; Psalms 11:4; Matt. 6:9. This is the abode of God, the sphere where God preeminently dwells


Heaven, the abode of God, is a real place. There are several names God calls this place.

·       “My Father’s House”

·       “New Heaven And a New Earth”

·       “Paradise”

·       “The Tabernacle of God”

·       “The Holy City”

·       “The Heavenly City”

·       “Heavenly City”

·       “Before The Throne”

·       “With The Lord”

·       “A Country”


It is real enough to have size and dimensions. Look at Revelation 21:16. A furlong is about 582 feet. This equals to 1,500 miles. It has been calculated that if this cube had stories 15ft. high, it would be 528,000 stories high. If you divided this space into one mile square there would be 3 billion 375 million one square mile rooms. This heavenly city, New Jerusalem is 15,000 times as big as London, 10 times as big as Germany, 40 times as big as England!


Heaven Is A Place Of Unspeakable Beauty


Its foundations are of precious jewels (Rev. 21:19-20). Its 216 feet high wall is made of Jasper (Rev.2 1:18). Its street is of gold (Rev.21:18, 21). Its gates of solid pearl (Rev. 21:21). Its river is clear like crystal that flows out of God’s throne (Rev.22:1).


If you think the earth is beautiful, and it is, I remind you that it is suffering under the curse of God. Just think of what heaven will be like.


Heaven Is A Place Of Unending Joy


Heaven will be a “happy” place. Isn’t it good to be all right, to always be happy?

Heaven will be a place of unending joy because of what will NOT be there.

·       No Ocean (21:1)

·       No Tears (21:4)

·       No Death (21:4)

·       No Sorrow (21:4)

·       No Crying (21:4)

·       No Pain (21:4)

·       No Temple (21:22)

·       No Sun, No Moon, No Night (21:23)

·       No Sin, No Unbeliever, No Evil Forces (21:27)

·       No Sickness (22:2)

·       No Curse (22:3)

·       No Time (yesterday, tomorrow, early, late)


Heaven will be a place of unending joy because of WHAT we will be doing.

·       There Will Be Awesome Worship (Rev. 4:8-1 1)

·       There Will Be Thankful Singing (Rev. 5:8-9)

·       There Will Be Meaningful Service (Rev.22:3, 5)

·       There Will Be Continuous Praise (Rev.19:1-6)


Heaven is a wonderful place. But like the old Negro spiritual said, “Everybody that talkin’ bout heaven ain’t going there.” Are you going to heaven? If so, how do you presume you are going to get there? Good works? Church membership? Baptism?

The people who will be in heaven will be those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ and the value of His death at Calvary, and for no other reason (Rev.7:4; 22:14). Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people.


A man was traveling in a strange city and stopped a man and asked for directions. After listening to the man give the directions, the traveler said doubtfully, “Is that the best way?” To that the man replied, “That is the only way!”

Jesus is the way to heaven (John 10:9; 14:6; Acts 4:12). And He has opened a way to heaven for you. He invites you to turn to Him (Rev.22:17).



*This article was taken from “The Baptist Challenge,” January, 1987 edition. We here at Grace Baptist Church are happy to put this fine article into tract form. We trust it will be a blessing to all of God’s children that read it. We pray that every lost person who reads this tract will be convicted of their sin and that our Great God will give them the gift of faith and repentance and they will trust the Lord Jesus Christ and be eternally saved. If you have any questions, please contact us at.