HE-Woman Who Must Rule


This article is taken from "Kingdom Alert" (3-27-04)

Isaiah 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and WOMEN RULE OVER THEM. 0 my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. The LORD standeth up to plead, and standeth to judge the people.

In the news, recently, was the story about a female, homosexual, "reverend" of the United Methodist denomination. Her name is "Rev. Karen Dammann." She has a man's haircut, she wears men's clothes, and; she has taken a man's office in her church; and, as if these things were not enough, she also lives with a female "partner' in a "romantic" relationship (putting it discreetly!). The UMC denomination recently held a trial in order to see if she had broken any rules for being a homosexual "reverend." Incredibly, according to the UMC website, she has been declared "NOT GUILTY":

"Jury Finds Dammann Not Guilty - After deliberating for a day and a half, the 13-member jury of Pacific Northwest Conference clergy members found their colleague, the Rev. Karen T. Dammann, not guilty of the charge of 'practices declared by the United Methodist Church to be incompatible with Christian teachings.'... The jury chairperson, the Rev. Judy Schultz, delivered the verdict. 'While sustaining the specification that Rev. Karen Dammann IS a self-avowed practicing homosexual, we, the trial court, do not find the evidence presented ... to be clear and convincing that Karen Dammann has engaged in any practices declared by the United Methodist Church to be incompatible with Christian teachings, she said. Dammann's own church web site rejoiced to hear the news of her acquittal. The following note was posted after the verdict:

"It is fitting that the wonderful news of Rev. Karen Dammann's acquittal of charges filed by Bishop Galvan would be made on the first day of Spring. IT IS TRULY A TIME OF REBIRTH, not just for our earth, but for the body of the United Methodist Church! I arrived just as Bishop Grove was lighting the trial candle which symbolized our COMING INTO THE LIGHT ....”

The trial closed with a prayer and the hugs, tears, and moments of joy began. About 20 minutes later, most of those present at the trial gathered in the sanctuary of Bothell UMC, for a short service. The pastors at Bothell UMC lead the congregation in a beautiful and appropriate selection of hymns, readings from the bible and a lengthy time of community prayer. The sentiments offered in the community prayer reflected the hope, love, and wish for a church where INCLUSIVENESS would be available for all. My own silent prayer was for a church that could accept this day's decision with an open mind, open heart and open doors. All our prayers are needed that all of us in the United Methodist church can find the GRACE AND COMPASSION TO EMBRACE THE POSSIBILITIES OF THIS REBIRTH." (Jeff Waymack, PMW-RMN Communications Coordinator) These people write like Pagans! Perhaps they see this present time as the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, where the "patriarchal" age is replaced by feminine dominance in all walks of life (i.e. emotions and intuition over reason and conviction, wives over husbands, complete with homosexual perversion, cross-dressing, and women pastors, etc.). They call it "grace and compassion." The Holy Bible calls it all PERILOUS!

2 Timothy 3:1 This know also, that IN THE LAST DAYS PERILOUS TIMES SHALL COME... Traitors, heady, HIGHMINDED, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive SILLY WOMEN laden with sins, led away with divers lusts…

Jude 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but LEFT THEIR OWN HABITATION, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. LIKEWISE also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.

The United Methodist denomination officially began on April 23, 1968. It grew out of the Methodist Episcopal denomination. In 1956, the Methodist Episcopal organization voted to give women full clergy rights. Once the foundational commandments forbidding women pastors have been removed, the denominations are ripe for the next step in their race down to Hell ordaining HOMOSEXUAL, female pastors:

Psalms 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Once the churches allowed the societal and Biblical distinctions between the sexes to be blurred (in the name of "grace and compassion," of course!), and once they allowed outlandish women to rule the churches and denominations (in the name of "grace and compassion," of course!), all the Devil had to do was to huff and to puff, and to BLOW!!! - and the whole edifice crumbles down into HOMOSEXUAL PAGANISM. Why? The foundations have been destroyed! The righteous can frown, sigh, pull out their hair, tear their clothes, put sackcloth on their heads, etc., but it will all be in vain unless the FOUNDATIONS ARE RESTORED. The same "hermeneutical approach" used to IGNORE the Biblical commands on women's silence in the church, women's dress, women's place in the home and society, etc., is the same "hermeneutical approach" used to IGNORE the commands concerning homosexuality, etc.

The homosexuals LEARNED it from the feminists:

"We must not ignore the context that Paul was writing in. You see, there was a particular problem that Paul was addressing in Corinth. These Corinthian women were getting out of hand. Plus, the best textual critics doubt some of these readings. And there is some evidence that certain sections have been interpolated. Furthermore, aside from these arguments, we must understand the culture of that period, and we must be careful about rashly applying certain words of Paul to our modern situation, which is entirely different. The question is what would Paul have to say to us, if he was addressing OUR particular situation? Would he not applaud Christian feminism for its grace and compassion?"

I created and summarized the above rotten statement from reading stacks of commentaries and feminist works. It all contains the same dung. Christian feminists (and weak men who encourage or allow their rebellion) have begun to bust up the Biblical foundation. Their "new hermeneutic" (i.e. vain jangling) has removed the anchor of God's truth:

"Perhaps the most direct means Christian feminists have of defusing the biblical passages that spell out the roles of men and women is to insist that they were only intended for the first century …Sometimes the apostle Paul is viewed by the Christian feminists as a theological 'schizophrenic'…They are calling for a development of a 'new hermeneutic.' ...they are open to whatever leads them to their foregone conclusions... [Once) the ANCHOR of God's truth is gone ... we are destined to wander aimlessly on the turbulent seas of oppression, tyranny, error, and darkness." (David Enger, "The Gender Benders," 1981)

One may read Elizabeth Cady Stanton's openly, antichristian, 19th century commentary called, "The Women's Bible," or one may read, "Woman Be Free!" (1977), by Patricia Gundry, and one will see the same rebellious spirit cloaked in a "form of godliness." Gundry writes:

"Some [of Paul's passages concerning women] present problems that perhaps will only be solved when we talk to those to whom the letters were originally written and they say, 'Oh, that refers to so-and-so and the problem we had THEN. You wouldn't understand that unless you were there.'"

Yes, and after you have led Christian women into this Satanic rebellion against plain Scripture, the homosexuals will be right behind you, USING THE SAME ARGUMENTS! And this is exactly what is occurring in our day. Notice one more example from Gundry's book. In the following words, she is trying her hardest to get out from under Paul's clear prohibition on women speaking in the assembly. She thinks she has found a way out:

"Most women at that time were not well-educated... So, rather than a rule permanently sealing women's lips, this seems to be an exhortation to order referring to a PARTICULAR abuse..." ("Woman Be Free!" 1977)

Gundry does not appear to have repented over the years, for she is presently making this same book available online. She also does not seem to realize that people like her (and especially the evangelical leaders who supported and recommended her) are partly responsible for the present homosexual crisis in the denominations. These homosexuals use the SAME ARGUMENTS that the Christian feminists taught them to use. Their approach to Scripture is also exactly the same: "Find every Bible passage on love and compassion, etc., and recklessly use it to neutralize whatever else you find in Scripture that is disagreeable to your preconceived viewpoint."

For proof, notice the following words from Ann M. Amideo, in, "Romans 1:26-27: Did Paul Mean Homosexuality?" :

"Sacred scripture is anchored in ancient cultures and deserves to be accurately understood through a clear examination of the historical circumstances which shaped them... An alternative approach to biblical interpretation known as Fundamentalism has resurfaced in popularity among certain Christian denominations. This results in a narrow point of view that fails to consider the critical influences of political history, cultural norms, translations and ancient literary forms .... Already, church history has conceded to a legacy of erroneous interpretations regarding usury, slavery, war, and women. Romans 1 targets a SPECIFIC audience. The text is directed at Gentiles who have willfully rejected the one true God. Homosexuals, either Jewish or Christian are not addressed. Today, homosexual persons are an active, vital force in the Christian church .... Homosexual men and women are involved in all levels of church life and administration ...”

And there you have it! When women leave their place (with Christian men leading them and/or approving of them), every foul spirit, and every unclean and hateful bird flocks to rush through the unholy crack in the moral foundation! To try to fix the walls without fixing the foundation is practically worthless.

Therefore, by God's grace and wisdom, let us lay again the foundation:

1 Timothy 2:11 Let the woman learn IN SILENCE with ALL SUBJECTION. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. FOR Adam was first formed, then Eve. AND Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

There are no "cultural" or" particular situations" given for this command. It is rooted in both the ORDER OF CREATION, and the particular part the woman played in the first Satanic deception in Genesis. Paul also gives the same Spirit-inspired reasoning in 1 Corinthians 11, when discussing the headship of the man:

1 Corinthians 11:8 FOR the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.

He continues in 1 Corinthians 14:

1 Corinthians 14:34 Let your women KEEP SILENCE in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.

Notice, this is no "cultural" restriction based on a particular situation. He argues that the moral law of God revealed in the OT declares the same truths (e.g. Genesis 3:16, Numbers 30:5-8, etc.)!

1 Corinthians 14:35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak IN THE CHURCH.

"Church" means the assembly of believers. It is the formal gathering together of the saints of a local congregation. The first section of 1 Corinthians 11 dealing with women prophesying and praying says nothing about "the church." There is no such phrases as, "in the church" (1 Corinthians 14:35), "when you are gathered together" (1 Corinthians 5:4), "come together" (1 Corinthians 11:17), "come together in the church" (1 Corinthians 11: 18), "come together therefore into one place" (1 Corinthians 11:20), etc. Christian women were free to publicly prophesy, witness, edify, speak, and pray in their homes, and in non-church, informal gatherings of individual Christians. Yet, in the mixed assembly of the church, they are not permitted to even ask a question.

The Holy Ghost has foreseen the feminist rebellion in the final days, and has therefore added words such as, "with all subjection" (1 Timothy 2:11) to the command. Knowing that the cultural argument would he raised, the Holy Ghost begins the section in 1 Corinthians with the following words: I Corinthians 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, AS IN ALL THE CHURCHES OF THE SAINTS. (see also 1 Corinthians 1:2).

He then concludes 1 Corinthians 14 with the following words:

1 Corinthians 14:36 What? came the word of God out from you? or CAME IT UNTO YOU ONLY?

And for those radical feminists who presumptuously claim, " follow Jesus, not Paul," the Holy Ghost had Paul write:

1 Corinthians 14:37 If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you ARE THE COMMANDMENTS OF THE LORD. But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.

Any man who disagrees with Paul on this subject is said by the Holy Ghost to be "Ignorant." He is ignorant because he is rebellious. He is ignorant because he does not see that this rebellion in regard to plain commandments concerning women will open the door to greater rebellion. People will use the same excuses to justify even greater sins; and the Christian feminists will not be able to rebuke them without hypocrisy. Thus, the churches are practically silent today because they have dirty hands. They cannot teach sinners GOD'S WAYS, because they have not been following them. They have not repented of their OWN rebellion concerning women in their homes and churches (Psalms 51:4, 13).

All rebellious women do not desire to look, dress or act like "Rev. Karen Dammann." All do not desire to be a pastor. However, some rebellious women seek to rule pastors (usually through their own husbands), and rule their churches through fits, pouts, contentions, gossips, and other forms of manipulation. The Holy Spirit has wisely instructed churches to keep all doors for this manipulation closed. Thus, when many women are subjected to voting quietly in, mixed "business" meetings, and are unable to give testimonies in the church assembly (which is easily turned into a form of preaching), or to even ask questions in the assemblies (which can easily be manipulated into a form of preaching), they will not approve of it. They will protest by leaving in deep-rooted bitterness, and, as with all bitter people, they will then seek to defile others with their rebellion (disguised as "grace and compassion," of course):

Hebrews 12:15 Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any ROOT OF BITTERNESS springing up trouble you, and THEREBY MANY be defiled...

Christian women, give up this desire to control your husbands and control your pastors. God did not call you to such a ministry. He did not call you to continually take the temperature of your church, to nitpick and meddle, and to give a weekly report to every member (leading to discouragement, division, strife, etc.). If there is true Spiritual vision, let it shine forth in a meek and quiet spirit, and a chaste conversation coupled with fear. Let it shine forth in modesty, submission, shamefacedness and sobriety. These are the feminine strengths God will be pleased to bless and use. But backbiting, manipulation, insubordination, pouting, fits, whispers, grumbling, murmuring, contentions, sighs, eye-rolling, frowning, and a bad, rebellious attitude "descendeth not from above, but is earthy, sensual, devilish." It divides families, just as much as it divides the houses of the Lord (His churches):

Proverbs 21:9 It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.

Proverbs 14: 1 Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

In conclusion, "he-women" who must rule, will pluck down their own houses, and their own churches! And as sure as Eve felt she was "saving Adam from oppression," these modern, BRAWLING daughters of Eve (and despisers of Sarah's daughters) will not stay "planted" in their place, that they may blossom with the true fruits of the Spirit.