Your Appointment With God

Your Appointment with God

From Dr. James Merritt

Little did Dentingo Pacheco know, but changing a tire would literally save his life.

Mr. Pacheco' was a businessman, running on a tight schedule, trying to catch a flight out of town. As he was hurriedly making his way to the airport, the left rear tire on his Cadillac blew out. For more than an hour, he sweated under the broiling sun, in the middle of a major expressway changing his tire. Just as he was finishing, his cellular phone rang. With much aggravation, he answered only to realize that it was his mother.

She said, "Where are "you?"

He said, "I'm stuck on the freeway, having just changed a flat tire, and I have missed my flight!"

She shouted, “Turn on your radio and thank God. The plane that you were going to be on, just crashed in the everglades!”

You see, God let a different turn of events unfold for Mr. Pacheco that day. Had Mr. Pacheco kept his scheduled flight, he would have been on ValuJet Flight 592 from Miami to Atlanta. Sometimes however, things just don't seem to turn out for the better. We all have tragic events that occur in our lives whether they are terminal illnesses, the loss of a job, the death of a child, or even a broken relationship with a spouse. We can't always see what's coming, and when it does, it runs right over us. But there is a truth in the Bible for God's children that we need to remember in Romans 8:28 that says:

"All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."

Think about it this way: every moment of every day is one individual piece of the puzzle of God's plan for your life. God can reach into a bag of circumstances on any given day, and pull out any piece and make it fit perfectly in the puzzle of His plan for you. God can take the fire of devastation that comes into your life and turn it into the light that delivers you from darkness. He can create synergy between all the occurrences in your life and make them work together for your good and His glory.

Did you know that there are no accidents in the life of a child of God,only appointments ? You may not aIways like what is going on in your life, nor may you understand it but you can rest assured that God is involved in your life, making all things work together for your good. If you are patient, ultimately God will reveal His purpose, His promise, and, His plan for every event in your, life.

Did you know that every day most of us consume two deadly poisons? By themselves they are called, Sodium and Chloride. Either one taken alone can kill you, but taken together they form Sodium Chloride or common table salt.

One without the other can poison you, but together they can bless you. Now, if a puny, run-of-the-mill human being can take two things that are bad and make something good, does it not make sense to you that a mighty, omnipotent, all-powerful God can take everything that is bad in your life and work it out for your good?

Contrary to what you may hear these days, God's purpose for your life is not found in being healthy or happy, or in being rich or famous. Most people are missing the mark. God's purpose for you is found in Romans 8:29 where it says, "We have been predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son." God’s purpose for you is to be just like Jesus.

We serve a loving Savior. A Savior that is compassionate, that hurts when we hurt and cries when we cry. A Savior that takes the ugly and hurtful trials and tribulations that we face in our lives, and reveals a purpose and praise through every one of them. Though at times we may be going through, something that seems truly unbearable, hold to His promise that not only will He deliver you from it, but He will walk with you through it.