The Romans’ Road To Salvation

by John A. Kohler, III


The so-called Romans’ Road To Salvation is one of the most popular “plans of salvation” promoted by practitioners of “easy-believism” who oppose the truth of Lordship salvation. It has probably produced more false professions of faith than any other man-made “plan of salvation.” Unfortunately, it is still being used by most Baptist preachers in most Baptist churches.


I. The Presentation of this Plan

A. Romans 3:10---No one is righteous.

B. Romans 3:23---All are sinners.

C. Romans 5:12---Death is the penalty for sin.

D. Romans 6:23---Eternal life is a gift of God.

E. Romans 5:8---Christ died for sinners.

F. Romans 10:9-1 3---Pray and ask Christ to come into your heart.


II. The Problems with this Plan

A. There is too much emphasis upon mental assent to a “grocery list” of items.

B. There is too little emphasis upon the conviction and drawing of the Holy Spirit,

C. There is absolutely no mention of repentance.

D. There is no explicit mention of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

E. There is a tendency to teach that prayer is a condition for salvation.

F. There is a likelihood of producing spurious, spur- of-the-moment decisions rather than lasting, genuine conversions.

G. There is a gross misunderstanding about the source of true faith and the total inability of the natural man to exercise his will in a positive direction by believing the gospel.

H. There is a tendency to rush people through this plan without giving them a thorough presentation of the true, saving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Problems With “The Sinner’s Prayer” Concept

·        Man believes unto righteousness (Rom. 10:10); he does not pray unto righteousness.

·        It is possible to pray “the sinner’s prayer” while still trusting in other things besides or in addition to the Lord Jesus Christ.

·        What comes out of the heart flows through the mouth; what comes out of the mouth does not flow into the heart.

·        Romans 10:13 refers back to Romans 10:12 and to Joel 2:32 and has to do with Christians “calling upon the name of the Lord” for deliverance.

·        Praying a prayer does not lead to salvation (works); repenting and believing on the Lord Jesus Christ does this (grace).

·        “The sinner’s prayer” concept is not consistent with Acts 16:30-31.